About Todd Snively
Todd Snively is an entrepreneur currently living with his wife Jing in Las Vegas.  Todd graduated high school early to enlist in the US Air Force.  As a Commercial Pilot Todd survived three engine failures in a 90 day period of time, forcing him to look at how he made money.

Deciding to leave flying as a career, Todd started several successful marketing companies with nothing, building the plane as he jumped off the cliff.  Todd continues to build multiple streams of seven figure incomes on a regular basis.

Todd currently has a core business of selling physical products online, an incredibly successful ecommerce consulting business, and he also helps people create profits centers online by showing them how to be an expert in an area they love and monetizing that knowledge.

Todd works with his business partner, Chris Keef, helping individuals profit wildly online with the systematic processes taught through their company, Expert University.  They have taught over 6,000 individuals how to create time and financial freedom over the years.

Todd's clients routinely go from jobs they hate, to successful online profit centers, designed just for them.  This allows people to reclaim all the time spent working for others to repurpose it to spend it the way they desire.
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